Goyard Tote Bag Price List for 2021

Since the very beginning, Goyard has drawn an exclusive clientele throughout much of the world. The Goyard fashion house was established in 1853 by François Goyard and has been the luggage of the 1 percent ever since. Nevertheless, this proud lineage had all, but faded by 1998 when the fashion house was purchased by a businessman named Jean-Michel Signoles. Goyard, as a brand, still offers high-quality luxury pieces. Thus, even when Signoles cautiously updated the designs, he understood that such an elite brand must stay true to its luxury roots—less is always more.

2021 Goyard Tote Price

That said, the current prices of Goyard handbag vary per style and season. Moreover, Goyard handbag prices tend to increase each year, thanks to high demand. But then, be that as it may, here’s a brief overview of the more popular Goyard items, specifically tote bags, and their prices in North America. Most Goyard bags come in two different sizes (PM/small and GM/large), and you can select standard or custom colors. Nonetheless, prices also vary depending on size and color.

Goyard Saint Louis Tote

One of the most popular Goyard Tote bags is none other than the Goyard Saint Louis Tote. This luxury tote bag is very similar to the Louis Vuitton signature tote, and most styles include a classic Goyardine pochette.


Price ($) Classic Colors

Price ($) Special Colors

Goyard Saint Louis PM



Goyard Saint Louis GM



Goyard Saint Louis PM Resale Prices

Goyard Saint Louis GM Resale Prices

Goyard Anjou Tote

Another coveted Goyard bag is the Goyard Anjou Tote. Here, this gorgeous bag is made from leather, not canvas, comes in two sizes, and has a pochette. Besides being made of leather, one more key difference between Saint Louis and Anjou bags is that the Goyard Anjou is reversible.


Price ($) Classic Colors

Price ($) Special Colors

Goyard Anjou PM



Goyard Anjou GM



Goyard Anjou PM Resale Prices

Goyard Anjou GM Resale Prices

Goyard Artois Tote

Finally, the Goyard Artois Tote is a hot luxury item and is fairly similar to the Saint Louis Tote. For instance, it’s made of canvas, plus has the same look and feel as the Saint Louis Tote. However, this particular tote bag’s claim to fame is that it’s sturdier or has a more structured design.

What’s more, the Artois Tote has a zipper closure, inside/interior pocket, and leather corners to ensure your designer tote bag never loses its shape. Note that the Artois Tote doesn’t come with a pochette, but it does come in two sizes and special or classic colors.


Price ($) Classic Colors

Price ($) Special Colors

Goyard Artois PM



Goyard Artois MM



Goyard Artois PM Resale Prices

Goyard Artois MM Resale Prices

The Design

Dots and dashes are the signature element of any Goyard piece. Known as Goyardine—the proprietary canvas that bears an interlocking “Y,” this design was developed by Edmond Goyard in 1892.

Paying homage to their previous life, the pattern consists of tiny tick marks that symbolize logs because the Goyard family were lumbermen before they learned to make luggage. This classic and alluring design was originally stenciled by hand; the canvas is now screenprinted.

The Appeal

Planned scarcity is the secret of Goyard. In other words, Goyard is seen as a speakeasy brand—not only do you need to know where the door is, but only a select few can get them, which just adds to the mystique.

Goyard is literally for those in-the-know and creates an almost unseen air of luxury. Thus, it’s not too surprising that Megan Markle loves it and has seamlessly incorporated this ultra-luxe brand into her everyday wardrobe, workout gear, and travel essentials—totes, duffle bags, etc.

Nowadays, the Goyard brand is akin to Hermès Birkin bags and is more readily available. However, this doesn’t change the quality and history behind it all, which means the price tag on any Goyard item will continue to be that of a much-coveted luxury brand.

Finding a Goyard Bag for Sale

Ultimately, these are just a few of the amazing Goyard pieces. That said, buying Goyard bags online or directly through Goyard is unlikely. Not only is it next to impossible to find a Goyard price list, but Goyard handbags or Goyard Totes for sale online are rarely available. However, you can buy the bags mentioned above at high-end boutiques or look into exclusive secondary market retailers. If you do choose to go to the secondary retailer route, make sure that you go through a reputable seller, so you know you’re getting an authentic Goyard product.

Photos courtesy of official websites of goyard.

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