Breaking News: Apparently, Beyonce Prefers a Telfar Bag over a Birkin Bag

beyonce telfar birkin bag

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Ooof, strap in kiddos, because this one might be a bit confusing. After waiting what seems like forever for the new Bey album to drop, people are up in arms about a lyric in one of Queen B’s newest jams that seemingly disses our beloved Birkin Bag.

Beyoncé’s “Summer Renaissance” song states, “Versace, Bottega, Prada, Balenciaga, Vuitton, Dior, Givenchy. Collect your coins Beyoncé, so elegant and raunchy, this haute couture I’m flaunting. This Telfar bag imported, Birkins them s***s in storage, I’m in my bag…”

Does Beyoncé know something we don’t know? Are we expected to swap our Birkins for a Telfar? Does she really prefer a Telfar over a Birkin? Or is she meaning to state Birkins are like gold and need to be stored away as their prices continue to soar?

I’m going to take a breath for all of us and say no, we still love our Hermes bags. However, MAYBE we should buy into Telfar… just in case there’s a spike in prices?

Hermes Birkins, both new and on resale, can be anywhere from $10,000 – $5000,000, while Telfar handbags range from $150-$257 for a variety of sizes… just a slight price difference, babes!

What do you make of this lyric?

You can buy Telfar bags even cheaper on resale sites (Click Here)

But if you’re looking for an Hermes Birkin, check out our pricing guide here!

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