Best Designer Tote Bags of 2021

fendi tote bag on girl with motorcycle

Tote bags are a necessity for every woman’s wardrobe. How else are you supposed to pack all your essentials in one place while looking stylish? They are an essential tool for the practical woman who wants to look comfortable and fashionable.

2021 is still in its early days, so it makes sense to look at the trendiest bags on offer right now. In this article, we’ve put together a list of the best designer tote purses you should get for your wardrobe this year. Check them out below.

tom ford fashion show tote

Tom Ford T Screw Shopper Canvas Tote

Tom Ford redefines the shopping experience with this classic shopper canvas tote. It is by far one of the best tote bags for shopping as it is made of very sturdy canvas material, that's not all, though. It comes with delicately done leather trim and, of course, the T-screws on the top.

The bag comes with two strap sizes. In case you want to carry it in your hand, you can fold the shoulder strap into it, making it extremely versatile. It also has up to four interior pockets, allowing you to separate your items while shopping. More pockets equal more things you can shove into without feeling unorganized!

fendi mesh tote

Fendi Mesh and Leather Tote

Fendi's Mesh and Leather bag is a lightweight classic fashion bag that combines style and comfort. It is one of the best designer bags for the beach. You can easily clean off any sand that gets on the mesh. With a width of 11.5 inches, it is wide enough to hold your beach clothes, sunscreen, and other items.

This Fendi special is also one of the most affordable designer bags on the market. If you're buying a pre-loved version, you can get it for as low as $495.

ysl rive gauche tan tote

YSL Rive Gauche Tote

If you travel often and need a tote that can pack your items and still look chic, the Rive Gauche Tote is just the bag for you. It is one of the best designer tote bags for travel.

Although it is made from linen, it retains a sturdy structure. The leather handles are a beautiful compliment to the white linen color, alongside the silver-colored snap metal button closures. One interior pocket allows you to carry multiple sensitive materials like everyday classic things or even a personal photo. The sheer size of this bag makes it one of the best designer tote bags for work.

The Gauche tote also comes with a zipper closure pouch for all your travel essentials like passports, ID, and spare cash. It can fit virtually any inch laptop, a water bottle, and your makeup touch-up bag, making it perfect for everyday use! The zipper closure features rare in this type of design, proving this to be versatile, and you can wear it however you see fit.

louboutin tote black bag

Christian Louboutin Cabarock Large Tote Bag

There's a reason this Cabarock bag is sold out at most online stores - it is, simply put, one of the best tote bags ever made. This elegant leather tote bag comes in an elegant matte-black, made from black calfskin that glides softly over the skin.

The slight peek of red around the black leather gives the bag a deluxe feel. In addition, the bag has Louboutin signature spikes around the support points. It has a lengthy soft shoulder strap and can be worn either over the shoulder or carried by hand. It features straps at medium length a small compartment with allows less time to search for things and more time feeling stylish.

bottega veneta black tote

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Black Leather Tote Bag

Made by Bottega Veneta, this all-black leather tote shoulder bag is the embodiment of the classy-mom vibe. The exterior is made from leather and has the exquisitely finished matted that has become the hallmark of the Intrecciato line. This is topped off with gold hardware wrapped in pitch-black leather.
br> On the inside, it is made of silky-smooth suede that protects your items, which you'll be having a lot of. At 15.5 inches, this bag is large enough to fit in your laptop and a couple more items. The size of this bag makes it one of the best designer tote bags for moms too!

loewe tote structure black and leather

Loewe Cushion Tote bag in Canvas and Calfskin

Loewe has been a breath of fresh air and exudes style with its recent releases. With this canvas tote bag, the designer has continued her successful streak. The bag is as beautiful as it is simple. It is a shoulder bag with meticulously made leather straps.

The cushion tote bag is very roomy, so you can fit everything, including a 17-inch laptop, into it. It also comes with four pockets which you can use to store stuff like your credit cards, phone, keys, and other items.

marni yellow tot ebag

Marni Logo Print PVC Shopping Bag

Marni makes it into this list with its logo print tote purses. The purses are made out of PVC but have leather handles. They come in different colors with the same striking look of a bold Marni logo printed on the face.

At 17 inches, it is also one of the biggest bags on this list, which makes it a practical acquisition for multiple uses. It's an open-top bag and doesn't have a pocket, but it has enough room for various items.

versace mixed bandaba print tote

Versace Mixed Print Tote Bag

Versace's mixed print tote bag is a Versace brand classic. It looks just as stunning on the runway as it does at the supermart aisle or work as well. It is made from lightweight but sturdy polyester, so it's a great fit for when you need to do a little shopping.

It comes in multicolor prints that make it a gorgeous beauty to have. Two prints to check out are the python and leopard prints. Both options come with a pastel Barocco mosaic print on one side. It is also a great holiday bag, especially if you'll be going to an exotic destination. The print blends in well with nature.

off white white tote

Off-White Small Commercial Tote

Off-white hits home with the minimalist aesthetic on the small commercial tote. It's a fit that can go with everything from office work wear to streetwear. You can pair it with heels one minute and the next minute with your tennis court shoes without missing a step.

Forget the name. Although it's called the small commercial shopper tote, this beaut comes in at a width of 17.5 inches, making it one of the widest bags on this list. This makes it perfect for carrying wide items like laptops, notes, and iPads.

loewe nude tote

Loewe Small Anagram Jacquard Canvas Tote

A classic 11 1/2 "W x 10 "H x 6" D canvas tote bag with an embroidered Loewe's anagram logo, textile trim, and calfskin lining plus base. Imported from Spain, this everyday essential is $1,600.00 and has a tie closure, top carry handles, a shoulder strap, and an interior wall pocket. Notable bag details include a structured silhouette/shape and a flat base for stability.

versace tote logo

Versace Medusa Amplified Print Tote Bag

Versace never fails to deliver on eye-catching designs that are great for all seasons. The Amplified print bag is a great fit for the summer sun. Its black and gold-colored exterior is a sweet complement for the summer sun and all the activities that come with it.

On the inside, the lining is made mostly of nylon, so you have to be careful with the kind of items you store in the bag. The bag also comes with polished leather tags with the legendary Medusa head engraved in gold, a stylish fashion statement that will stand the test of time.

brunello leather tote in nude

Brunello Cucinelli Monili Leather Tote

A curvy Monili-beaded keepers frame tote crafted from Italian calfskin with a foil logo for $3,495.00. This 9 1/2 "W x 14 H x 4" D designer bag has a removable interior zip-pouch, a tie closure, and adjustable shoulder straps. Added highlights include its roomy interior, new design, and suede lining.

prada red saffiano tote

Prada Saffiano Double Bag

It's not every day you come across one of the best tote bags as luxurious as the Prada Double bag. The bag's body is made of sleek saffiano leather (a perfect leather tote bag) with detailed style finishings. The design is timeless and can be matched with dark shades to make it pop. The leather tote bag has a detachable shoulder strap which you can remove if you prefer to carry it by hand. The best thing about the Prada Double bag? It comes in a range of colors you can choose from.

It's not the biggest bag and can't be used as a carryall, but it can hold a small laptop or phone.

gucci leather tote bag

GG Marmont Medium Quilted Leather Tote

Gucci's GG Marmont is one of the best leather work bags that money can buy. The simple yet elegant style of this design is a fashion and status statement by itself. It's a bag that says, "I'm here; where do I sign?"

Outside of work, it's still a statement bag. With the GG Marmont, you can go from your conference to work, then to dinner with your lover without missing a beat. At 13.7 inches, it is not the biggest bag on this list, so you may not use it on days you need to pack many items. However, its utility for different occasions and the sheer power it exudes makes it one for the wardrobe. The quality of this bag makes it one of the best designer tote bags for the beach too!

How to Pick the Best Tote Bag for Yourself

Designer tote purses can cost a small fortune. That means, for most people, they are a significant style investment. When purchasing a shopper tote, there are several things to keep in mind:

  • Your budget: designer purses have a very strong allure but be careful not to spend more than what you need to in your search for the best tote bag. Look for something within your budget range, or check out resale websites like for lower prices.
  • The material: Totes come in different materials, i.e., leather, faux leather, clothe, nylon, PVC, Cordura, denim, straw, mesh. The type of material you go for will have a significant effect on the price and durability.
  • Size: All totes are not equal. Make sure that whatever you settle for is big enough or roomy enough to carry all the items you will need on for daily or work use, e.g., water bottle, phone, laptop, wallet, makeup, etc.

How to Clean and Take Care of Your Tote Bags

Preserving the value of your tote bag is important, especially if you have a resale on your mind. If you want the bag to look the same as it did on the first day you saw it in a photo, you will have to take good care of it.

However, totes are not different from regular bags in terms of care. As was highlighted earlier, they can be made from different materials, so different care routines must be maintained. However, a general overview of things you can do to take care of your bag include:

  • Keep them away from water-most bags are note water-resistant.
  • Try not to hang it or store it improperly, so it doesn’t get deformed.
  • Keep it in a dust bag to prevent it from getting dusty and protect it from sun rays.
  • Stuff the bag with inkless paper or bag stuffers so that it retains its shape
  • Have stains removed quickly and by professionals.

While the search for the perfect large handbag for you may continue, I hope we’ve given you some sleek, durable, and chic options to think about. Be sure to understand your own preferences, such as do you like soft ones? If so, do you prefer them to be vegan? Is there a brand you prefer? Is the handbag for work? Does it have to be lightweight, or do you prefer it to be madewell? Contemplate all questions mentioned above, and you’ll find the perfect one for you!


These are just a few purses that are must-haves if you’re looking to carry more than just your keys, phone, and wallet. Larger purses are breaking back into trends this year, be on the lookout for the large bag trend once again!

Photos courtesy of official websites of bagover, nordstrom, gucci, ysl, prada, loewe, christian louboutin, versace, off-white, marni, etc. 

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    Here's your coupon code to get $50 off: BAGOVER

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